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Michelle Ward

Mobile Sports Massage Expert

After deciding on a total career change I became a mature student at the age of 32 and gained my degree in Fitness and Health from the University of East
London . My main interest was the psychological benefits of exercise  and after graduating I worked for the NHS running the gym in a secure mental
health unit and then training staff in restraints and breakaways. I decided to become qualified as a sports massage therapist to provide a ‘complete
package’  of exercise and massage to  help clients in the preparation, participation and recovery of sport, exercise or injury. I find it extremely
rewarding when a client tells me that I have somehow helped them on their fitness journey or got them back on the road after injury.

Favourite Daily Stretch

Downward facing dog. I find this move quite calming when I need a moment of relaxation.


What I’m loving currently

My fruit infusion water bottle. It comes everywhere with me!


Favourite phrase

Yesterday you said tomorrow.  Just do it
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