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Clive Muller

Mobile Sports Massage Expert

Since graduating in 2012 Clive has gone onto take a number of other massage therapy and bodywork courses giving him a deep understanding of movement and biomechanics. He brings all his skill to the massage table and you are guaranteed a comprehensive massage treatment when booking with Clive. Clive has also worked at a large number of sporting events and is an expert is pre and post event massage. Outside of his work Clive runs 3 to 4 times a week and attends twice
weekly boot camp sessions.

Favourite Daily Stretch

I do ten minutes of yoga every other day and highly recommend it to all my clients, especially as I have got older I have found this an invaluable tool in keeping me pain-free and flexible.

What I’m loving currently

A little bit later than everyone else I have just bought myself a Nutri-bullet and am really enjoying my daily vegetable juices!

Favourite phrase

You are your only limit
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